moonii goes to the Robbie William’s Dublin gig 2012 (part 1)

No, the other end (oh LOWER O’Connell Street) by the statue of the Angels.
No, the other end (oh LOWER O’Connell Street) by the statue of the Angels.

I wasn’t lucky in the ticket ballot, such a huge disappointment.  To begin with very few friendlies were lucky and we all began to wonder who exactly were getting those tickets.  Then one by one someone else got lucky.  It was so hard not getting a ticket.  It had happened before, I hadn’t got tickets for his RAH concert, but for some reason this had got to me – at one point I shutdown my laptap, took myself for a walk on the beach to clear my head and to take a break from it all.  It helped and I was fine.

So, I was back to chatting with friendlies in the fans facebook group and at the tables, on Robbie Williams Fun Poker.  I’m one of the night owls (NO) who are up late and so when a fellow NO popped up in a chat box I didn’t think anything of it.  Then she offered me a Golden Willy Wonky Ticket to the Dublin gig!  OMFG!   And what did I do… I said no.  NO.  I couldn’t possibly go to DUBLIN.  Too far – would cost too much money. Nope.  Think about it and let me know by tomorrow.

I texted my mum.  Take the ticket – GO!  came the reply.  So, I went!

Mum and I spent the next afternoon booking the flight to Dublin, giggling away like a couple of teenagers.  There was a moments panic when I discovered my passport was out, but I was able to travel on my driving license.  Suddenly, there I was going, one of the lucky ones.  I couldn’t believe it – this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me, but it had and I was a +1.

My sister phoned:

So, which part of Dublin are you going to… er, I don’t know.

What’s the name of the hotel you’re staying at… er, I don’t know that either.

Ticket?  Nope.

So, just to be clear, I had a return flight to somewhere I’d never been to, to meet someone I’d never met and didn’t even know where I was supposed to meet her anyway – cos she hadn’t been there either.  Fine, no worries then.  The strange thing was I wasn’t worried at all!

On Thursday (the day before the gig) I set off for Gatwick airport.  The whole journey went like clockwork.  All the way I bobbed along in a bubble, with a constant grin on my face and Rob’s set-list playing, on a loop, in my ears.  Before I knew it I was standing at a bus stop, waiting for a bus to Dublin town centre.


Take the 747 bus and get off at the top O’Connell Street – we’re outside the burger bar there.

Okay, for a start it was either upper or lower and there are many MANY burger bars on O’Connell Street.  Found the cinema, passed 3 burger bars, no friendlies.


I’m at Upper O’Connell street by the cinema…

No, the other end (oh LOWER O’Connell Street) by the statue of the Angels.

Haha, Angels, yep, yep, where else would Robbie fans be standing!

So, I dragged my (thankfully) little case down to lower O’Connell Street and there I spotted Scosha.

Cue much shrieking, hugging and OMFGing!


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