moonii goes to the Robbie William’s Dublin gig 2012 (part 2)

“Scos_ _ & mooMii” Julie B reads out loud “MOOMII!”
“Scos_ _ & mooMii” Julie B read out loud “MOOMII!”

Thinking back, it was the strangest thing meeting up with The Friendlies.  Although I’d never met any of them, they didn’t feel like strangers.  We hugged like we were old friends who hadn’t seen each other for years – one of those hugs that speak more than words!  All weekend there were squeals of recognition, as we spotted each other in the crowds – yep we all resembled our avatars!  OMG we’re here, OMG we’ve met – after all this time and OMG we’re going to see him!

Hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself…

After I found the right burger bar (I must have pasted AussieSally) and met Scosha and Julie B (who I was sharing a room with), we grabbed a quick burger meal before heading back to the hotel.  There we had a few drinks and set about creating our banner.

Okay, you write your name there and I’ll write mine here.  I concentrated hard – in between the odd slurp of pear cider…

Someone’s mobile rings:

…. Yer, we’re all here, no we’re just doing our banner… pause…

(moonii meanwhile was concentrating hard and colouring in… slurp)

… No, Julie B is gonna get in the queue first thing and we’re going along later, cos we’re seated… pause…

(moonii still concentrating hard and slurp… colouring in… slurp)

“Scos_ _ & mooMii” Julie B read out loud “MOOMII!”

WHAT!            FFS!           MOOMII!

Cue howls of laughter from Julie B and a look of complete horror from me!

… No, we’re not laughing at you, it’s moonii, yep, she’s spelt her bleeding name wrong on the banner…

Later, after a correction of sorts had been applied to the banner and we’d all convinced ourselves it was ‘fine’, we called it a night and tried to get some sleep before the ‘big day’.

Two dull lights glowed from either side of the room:

Hissed whisper… moonii’s just posted on our fb page and you’re here in the same room!

Giggling whisper back… I know, it’s too weird!

Rainforest noise increasing in volume – oh nooo surely not!

Much stabbing at the Snooze button… … …

Yep, and again… … no wonder it’s in danger of becoming extinct!

Bleary eyes suddenly realised where they were and snapped open – Dublin, Friday 14th September 2012 OMFG!

Ignoring the freezing cold shower, shallow baths were run, the selection of Robbie outfits discussed and bags packed.

Mobile rings:

Hallo?  Yep, we’re just heading for breakfast… pause

(It’s Scrummymummy in a car with Carnspindle – on their way to Brown Thomas to see Rob)

Oh, okay, wait I’ll check…

In the end Julie B decided her best bet was still to go and get in the O2 queue asap.  Scosha and I were being picked up by her friend, who was the angel giving me a roof over my head, for my remaining stay in Dublin.  It was this angel who said we’re only a couple of streets away, so why not go to Brown Thomas and with that she drove us over there.

Suddenly, I found myself being ‘one of those fans’ who turns up at one of those events!  I suddenly felt too tall and too self-conscious for words.

Mobile rings:

Hissed whisper in a secret agent voice… Yep, yep, we’re here… No, no, we can’t see anything…

Well, that was because we were in the wrong bleeding Brown Thomas!  Not conspicuous at all then.  Me in a VERY pink T-shirt and mad hair – yep I fitted right in with all the lovely clobber!

A mad dash later we found Scrummy and Carnspindle at the front of a roped off area, stood beside three OAPs who were hoping Daniel O’Donnel was gonna make an appearance!  More hugs and OMGing!


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