moonii Thanking The Candy Man


I closed Facebook with a sigh, clicked on start and then shutdown, before placing my laptop on the empty side of the sofa beside me.  Slumping back in my seat I drew my legs up onto the top of the footstool and let my eyes wonder across the room to the fireplace.  On the mantelpiece the old clock caught my gaze in it’s frozen stare – one day I will get it repaired and bring it back to life.

Centre stage, pride of place, two Robbie Williams Take The Crown tickets had been carefully arranged either side of the old clock.  A smile began to twitch at the corners of my mouth, traveled all the way to my eyes, which welled up with emotion and escaped as tears.  Brushing them away with the back of my hand, my eyes searched for and found the green disc I’d written ‘Online BOOM’ on and held up alongside Julie’s banner.  They had got a point point from the mic doo darr.  I laughed out loud at the memory – Julie had lead the way and had shown me when to waved my green disc in the air.  It’s now propped up on my bookcase.

I absentmindedly began to hum The Candy Man song and immediately I was transported back to Wembley… I heard the crowd’s cheer, mingled with squeals of delight, which were quickly stifled so their voices could join in with the song.  I could feel the stadium prickling with suppressed energy.  We all looked up to the top of the giant head with anticipation – eyes flicking back and forth to one of the big screens, not wanting to miss The Moment.  The band (who had taken their places on the stage) started the intro to Hey Wow Yeah Yeah and we began clapping, hands overhead, in time to the music.  Then fireworks and flares went off and there was a split second pause… before like a phoenix from the flames he emerged above the giant head.  Suspended on a zip-wire, he looked down at us, demanding our absolute attention.  Finally Robbie **cking Williams descended and for the next two glorious hours we were oblivious to anything else and our arses were his!

If you didn’t experience this for yourself you wont understand any of this, but everyone I know, who did, will be sitting somewhere now, with a smile slowly spreading over their faces, as they are transported back to the summer Take The Crown tour of 2013.

It was completely awesome – thank you.

Thank you to Mia Rundqvist for putting together some lovely memories of the tour.