Moonii says farewell to The Old Van

Moon in blue sky

Suddenly it’s real, it’s the final night in my old van. I’m sitting on the sofa, staring at the place my tv used to inhabit, letting memories flood through my mind.  Memories such as running up and down the seafront, countless times, at sunset – inspiring. Sitting in my ‘bit of garden’ reading or sketching – blissful. Taking endless bad photos of the moon – joyous. Talking of The Moon, as I’m not very good at goodbyes, I’m going to let moonii do it for me.  It seems fitting at this moment in time to let moonii have her say on the matter – it’s the end of an era…

I’ve been very happy here by the sea, but all things must come to an end, so I will look back fondly and try hard not to stare. The weather is giving me a final farewell show.  Today we’ve had sunshine, rain and now thunder and lightning.  I’ve lost count how many nights, over the years, I’ve turned off the lights and pulled back the curtains, to watch the lightning dance over the sea – I’ve even been caught out running in a storm this year.

It’s difficult to sum up my time here and I find myself looking round the near empty shell of my van, at the few bits lying around, (that didn’t fit in the removal van) for clues to help describe it.  Sitting on the sofa beside me the square, glass vase, with the flowers I dried last season still in it.  On the floor opposite, the huge mirror that hung above the fire, which I did my exercises in front of – this will be my ‘memento’ of my time in my van.  Above it, in the cabinet, sits a little stick of Dublin rock – I’m leaving it behind. On a kitchen unit is my wok – an awkward thing to pack! There in the corner is the shelf where my wooden buddha sat. The red light on the electric fire is still glowing and coming full circle next to me, hangs the big pink thermal door curtain… note to self I still need to pack this.

From my old van I have had some great family times – sister visits a plenty.  Including many a walk on the South Downs, along the pier and the odd peer in a charity shop! All helped along with great food, wine and a good disaster film.  I’ve also had the most fantastic Robbie adventure, which I have written about before. Beginning as a virtual world experience, it crept into my real world and whilst riding that time, on a crest of a wave, I made some good friends along the way, some very good friends.  I hope to continue this adventure (while I still have chips to do so), but I just want to pause here to acknowledge it’s beginning.

I (moonii) have had a lot of fun and laughter – thanks, to this place and to all who shared it with me.  So it’s a fond farewell to my old van, one last long look at the sea and onwards to life by the river, surrounded by mountains.

It’s been a blast for me, I hope it’s been a blast for you, My Old Van.